Canape options

(6 from the list below)

Mixed Sushi selection

Schmaltz herring with potato salad and sour cream

Smoked salmon on sweet corn blini with sour cream and salmon

Mini shot glasses of tabbouleh with pomegranate and almonds

Stuffed vine leaves with tsaziki

Mini shot glasses with burnt aubergine, tomatoes and tahini

Mini pita bread filled with Mediterranean sabich

Bocconcini mozzarella, cherry tomato and basil skewers

Crostini with caramelised sweet potato, goat’s cheese and balsamic glaze

Mini croissant with roasted vegetables, feta and pesto

Mini ciabatta with various fillings (tuna egg, pecorino and vegetables, aioli and egg, goats cheese and peppers)

Panko seared tuna with sweet coriander sauce

Polenta and olives bites

Beetroot, mint and yogurt crostini

Pea and mint croquets

Caramelised onions and feta cheese filo

Cucumber and humus bites

Baked spring rolls

Spinach and feta filo cigars

Fish and herbs cigars with arisa sauce

Sumac and zaatar sea bass fatoush

Tomato and cheese mini pizza pastry

Breaded haloumi bites