Cold food buffet

(6 from the list below)

Roasted Aubergine with tahini, walnuts and pomegranate

Kale, quinoa, carrots, lentils, herbs and coconut chips salad

Israeli couscous with rus el hanut, beans, apricots, almonds, onions and chicory

Candied beetroot, daikon, red onion, raisins, cabbage, seeds and kohlrabi slaw

Fennel, apple and cabbage slaw with tarragon and mixed radishes

Mixed green beans, soy beans, chamomile, seeds, orange and herbs

Sweet potato, Cavolo Nero, red rice and pecan salad

Broccoli salad with almonds, seeds, lemon zest

Cauliflower, tahini, pickled onion, nigella seeds

Roasted Jerusalem artichoke, Swiss chard, artichoke, broad beans and lemon

Chickpeas, Hawaij, caramelized onions, herbs and orange

Roasted leek, broccoli and greens with rice wine and soy

Freakeh, brown and wild rice with apricots and pistachio

Peas humous with wasabi, seaweed and sesame

Freekeh, bulgur, pistachio and feta salad

Butternut squash, miso yoghurt, sesame and pickled onions

Roasted honey glazed heritage carrots

Garden vegetables crudité

Mini frittata with sweet potato, spinach, feta and roasted cherry tomatoes

Cod skewers in chermula sauce

Yuzu Salmon & miso skewers

Salmon teriyaki skewers

Cod fish goujons with tar tare dipping sauce

Seared tuna with herb dressing

Butter crust quiches

Mini smoked salmon and cream cheese profiteroles

Mini ciabatta sandwiches with a variety of fillings

Mini croissant sandwiches with a variety of fillings

Feta and spinach Kadaif

Fish kebab with green tahini yogurt