Hot food stations

(2 -3 based on number of guests)

Soup station, two flavours of soup (mushroom, French onion, minestrone, sweet potato, celeriac and herbs, tomato and rice) served with homemade croutons and artisan breads.

Israeli vegan spiced Shawarma served in mini pita and a wide variety of traditional Mediterranean salads.

Market station- traditional Moroccan fish in a tomato based sauce, our famous shakshuka, pita, homous and chickpeas, brown eggs and pickles.

Spanish paella with mixed herbs and vegetables served with mini fish kebabs.

Mexican station of tacos, tortillas, vegetable rice, vegan chilli con-carne, guacamole and salsa.

Chinese stir fry with noodles, Asian sauce, sesame, herbs, mini vegetarian spring rolls and salmon teriyaki skewers.

Traditional Fish and chips station served in cones

Pizza with a variety of toppings

Veggie hot dog station served with caramelized onions, red onions, fresh tomatoes and lots of sauces.

Pasta station- served with your choice of two sauces- creamy Alfredo sauce, Rose sauce, Spinach and cream sauce or Napolitano sauce served with cheese and toppings.