froyo & drinks


Part of your five a day. Fat free and low in calories! Beneficial probiotics, high in calcium and sweetened with agave nectar

Froyo Yogurt Base£4

1. Choose your base

Original yogurt / Seasonal yogurt

2. Choose your toppings and sauce - 65p each

Fruit toppings

Strawberry / Blueberry / Cranberry / Mango / Pineapple / Kiwi / Banana / Pomegranate / Melon / Peach / Apple / Lychee / Grapes / Pear

Dry toppings

Almonds / Walnuts / Coconut shavings / Granola / Raisin / Dried apricot / Medjool dates / Gouji berries / Crunchy nut

Naughty toppings

Oreo cookie / White chocolate / Dark chocolate / Digestive cookie / Rainbow buttons / Gummy bears / Caramel apple / Jelly beans

3. Add a sauce

Dulce de Leche / Passion fruit / Raspberry / Peanut butter / Maple / Honey / Chocolate syrup


Freshly squeezed Orange£3.5

Orange and Carrot£4

Carrot, ginger and celery£4

Carrot, beetroot and celery£4

Super smoothies - all £5

kale, banana, mango and lemongrass

avocado, spinach, spirulina, basil, apple and lime

carrot, goji berry, papaya and pineapple

cherry, strawberry, blueberry, fig and flax seed

peach, papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, guava and aloe vera

Soft Drinks


Diet Coke£2.5

Coke Zero£2.5




Ice Drinks

Cold Choco£2.5

Cold Café£2.5

Ice Chocolate£3

Ice Coffee£4.5

Ice lemonana£4

Messy yogurt shake£5

Strawberries and Cream£5

Bananas and Dulce de Leche£5

Mango and White Chocolate£5

Smoothies - £5

Choose your base

Apple, orange, soya, water, yogurt (add £1)

Tropical Fresh

Coconut, mango, banana and lychee

Pineapple twister

Mango, peach, papaya and pineapple

Mango passion

Mango, pear and passion fruit

Power granate

Pomegranate, strawberry, blackcurrant and apple

Amazon acai

Blueberry, strawberry, acai and mango

Strawberry fantasy

Banana, dates, melon and strawberries

Berry forest

Blueberry, raspberry and mango

Strawberry delight

Strawberry, papaya and peach

Soyo detox

Melon, cucumber and apple with a touch of lime.

Hot Drinks

Oreo hot chocolate£4

Messy hot chocolate£5

Espresso / Machiatto£2/£2.5




Hazelnut latte£3

Cinnamon latte£3

Toffee latte£3

Caramel mocha£3

French vanilla latte£3

Irish cream latte£3

Hot chocolate£2.5

English tea£2

Mint tea£2

Organic herbal tea£2.5




Irish coffee (alcoholic)£3.5


Apple cider£3

Indian chai£2.5