Smoked salmon guacamole£7.5

Smoked salmon, guacamole, spring onion, lettuce, garlic & herb dressing with a touch of lemon

Tuna sandwich£7.5

tuna, red onion, pickles, egg and rocket leaves

Feta antipasti£7.5

grilled aubergine, peppers and courgette with feta cheese and avocado

Vegan sandwich£7.5

fried tofu and mushrooms in an Asian dressing with lettuce and tomatoes

Avocado guacamole£7.5

guacamole, egg and lettuce

Vegan omelette sandwich£7.5

chickpea omelette, paprika & cumin tahini, tomato and lettuce

Halloumi sandwich£8

olive tapenade, grilled halloumi, cream cheese, tomato and pickles

Mozzarella Sandwich£7.5

mozzarella, basil chimichurri, avocado and tomato


grilled aubergine and peppers, egg, pickles and paprika & cumin tahini

Omelette Sandwich£7.5

cucumber, tomato and tahini dressing

Cheese and Tomato Toastie£7.5

Tuna Melt£7.5