SOYO Soufflé£4.95

Rich warm chocolate fondant filled with silky white & milk chocolate served with frozen yogurt

Apple tart£4.95

Pear & Almond Tart £4.95

Passion Fruit Mousse Cake£4.95

Yogurt Cheesecake£4.95

Banoffee Pie£4.95

Sweet CrÊpes

Golden Days£4.50

Butter and sugar

Golden Lemon£4.50

Butter, sugar and lemon


You named it!

Banana Split£4.50

Belgian chocolate, banana, walnuts and cream

Strawberry Adventure£4.50

Strawberries, white chocolate and cream

Caramel Apple£4.50

Apple, cinnamon, almonds and butterscotch


Banana, toffee and cream

Crêpe Suzette£4.50

Fresh oranges with orange liquor and brown sugar